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We, the people of St. Brigid Catholic Parish, strive to be a priestly people, committed to serve and participate in a faith community.

Profile Of St. Brigid Catholic Community

We See Ourselves as a Faith Community

We believe that we are a prophetic people who are willing to risk and accept change to witness the message of Christ to the Modern World. We feel called by God to be a parish not turned in on itself, but a parish that reaches out beyond its boundaries to be a servant to the people of God. We see ourselves as a faith community with a strong sense of its mission. We have a Pastor and Pastoral Team who are able to share leadership of the Parish and willing to delegate responsibility in such a manner to continue the development of a committed lay leadership that will assist in carrying out the message of the Gospel.

The population of St. Brigid Parish (approximately 2746 households) includes a large number of professionals, military personnel, and people with young families and retirees.

The uniqueness of this population is its sense of commitment to a faith community and its desire to place God in the center of their busy lives. St. Brigid parish community serves as a stable oasis in the midst of a mobile society as members experience the beauty of people willing to serve other people in a spirit of brotherly and sisterly love. According to the Document on Lay Ministry, from the Second Vatican Council, “The laity are to share in the priestly, prophetical and kingly office of Christ,” and “they have therefore, in the Church and in the World, their own assignment in the mission of the whole people of God.”

The Cross Of St. Brigid

St. Brigid, the patron saint of our church community, is always depicted with a cross.

Renowned for her charitable acts of love, St. Brigid once nursed a pagan chieftain back to health. Legend has it that while he slept, she made a cross of rushes, which were used as floor coverings in 5th century Ireland. On waking, the chieftain asked her to explain the cross. St. Brigid told him the story of Calvary and of our Lord Jesus’ undying love. Deeply moved, the man converted to Christianity and regained his health supposedly due to St. Brigid prayers and ministry.

The making of that cross is a lovely, centuries’ old, custom in Ireland, where it is still practiced today. Made of rushes, straw, or wood, St. Brigid Cross is placed in homes each year on the eve of her feast day, February 1st. Our parish community traditionally commemorates St. Brigid Feast Day with a parish-wide celebration on the weekend closest to February 1.

St. Brigid Community offers our parishioners a Door Plaque for $15 at our gift store. The gift store is located in the Narthex and open after all Masses.

St. Brigid Depends on Your Support

To meet the financial obligations of the church, we need our parishioners more than ever now. You can give through our online giving program.

Your continued support is greatly appreciated.

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